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Holly & Willow's Adventures

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This is a live feed; we upload each day to our channel so you can rewatch your favorite parts! ( 10am-10pm)

Holly is a: Silkie/American Cross about 10 months old and has a brown tortoiseshell medium coat

Willow is a: American Jr sow. Her coat is considered a broken tri. She is about 8 weeks old.

Most active during Meal times:
9:00​ am- Breakfast - Pepper
8:00​ pm- Dinner - Lettuce/Greens

Thank you for watching. These guinea pigs receive Oxbow adult pellet food to eat along with piles of Orchard grass hay. We fill their bowl which is about 6oz in the morning. We also feed them a quarter green pepper each to ensure an adequate amount of vitamin C. They receive a handful of lettuce in the evening as well. These are their most active times. Please give this video a like and check in regularly to see if you can spot Willow playing on top of her hut! Questions or want to send us photos of your small animals Email us: furryfriendadventures@gmail.com

This channel is comprised of live feeds of our two guinea pigs and their daily adventures. The best times are during feeding and enrichment time. I started this live feed to build a community with animal enthusiast. I hope to add more of my animals as the channel grows. I have photos of our animals up on Foap where you can purchase them to help support the channel.
I also have a collection of short videos filmed from my drones and phone. I film my daily adventures and things that catch my eye. All in the great Pacific Northwest!

Local guides.​ https://goo.gl/maps/Xo7AFTQmbWy

Follow me on Instagram! Username: furryfriendadventure https://www.instagram.com/furryfriend...

For business inquiries: ​furryfriendadventures@gmail.com

Facebook: ​@aiengineeringandphotography

Reddit: ​u/Dfizzle7

Foap: ​https://www.foap.com/search/dfisher

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