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Activision Blizzard Games That Totally Flopped Hard

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Whether they're uninspired tie-in games, broken and buggy original properties, or just genuinely good games that sadly didn't find their audience, there are more than a few blemishes on Activision Blizzard's impressive record. Here are some of those less fortunate titles.

007 Legends had a really intriguing premise: reimagining classic James Bond adventures like Moonraker and Goldfinger with current Bond actor Daniel Craig's likeness and voice. In theory, it doubled as a fun way to adapt older Bond films for a new audience and as a way of celebrating the film series' 50th anniversary. In reality, it spelled the end of Activision's 007 video games.

Reviews were critical of the game's plot inaccuracies compared to the original films, as well as the generally uninspired gameplay and level designs. Following 007 Legends' negative critical reception and poor commercial performance, nearly the entire development team at Eurocom was laid off. In early 2013, 007 Legends was removed from digital retailers such as Steam, along with the rest of Activision's James Bond library. Activision never made a Bond game again, and has mostly steered clear of licensed products ever since.

The Battleship film was released in the same summer as the first Avengers film, which doesn't exactly seem fair for the board game adaptation. It also didn't help that the movie was savaged by critics, something the film has in common with its video game adaptation.

Though the game had some cool ideas, combining real-time strategy and first-person shooter elements, the final product was an underwhelming mess. None of the game's disparate gameplay elements are executed to their full potential, disappointing FPS and RTS fans alike. Battleship was also knocked by critics for its painfully short length. Keep watching the video to see all the Activision Blizzard games that totally flopped hard!


007 Legends | 0:14
Battleship | 1:06
Blade 2 | 1:42
Blur | 2:29
Dark Reign 2 | 2:54
Prototype 2 | 3:29
True Crime: New York City | 4:00
Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines | 5:02
X-Men: Destiny | 5:51
Pimp My Ride | 6:32
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 | 7:14
Ghostbusters (2016) | 8:03
Fast & Furious: Showdown | 8:43
The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct | 9:22

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