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Фильм-мотиватор про маленькую спортсменку Василису Ермакову

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Привет друзья! Меня зовут Василиса Ермакова. Я спортсменка - сноубордистка и скейтбордистка. Рада видеть Вас на своем канале. Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки и оставляйте комментарии. Надеюсь, стану мотиватором для Вас.

Приходи ко мне в инстаграмм:

Mountains, they are so high and unpredictable.
Now the sun is shining, but in a minute​ clouds covered the sky and it began to rain and snow.
I like mountains, I like to see places I’ve never been,conquering steep slopes, over and over again, leaving kilometres of pavement behind.
At this moment you understand​ ​ that any mistake could cause fall, so I’m focused as much as possible​
Most people think I’m afraid of nothing, but it isn’t true. Only fools are not afraid. I understand what do hazards and risks mean,that’s​ ​ why I’m training a lot till I can do it blindfolded.
I started to ride when I was 3. My dad and I mastered slides , downhills , we fell together,made mistakes, and rushed down on the slope​ ​ again, every time we do it​ ​ better and better.
I had vexing falls, I was wrong, crying, I was hurt, but it didn’t affect on my passion, I got up and just do it again and again.
I’m keen on racing down​ ​ the track,the wind rearing​ ​ in your hair.
Someone is shocked by us, but there are a lot of people , who support us,it motivates us to progress.
After the good day in mountains ,we like to chill in the cafe,to have fun, to play the PlayStation, to swim in pool or in the see,play on the playground.
But the next day we will do it all over again: ride​ ​ up the mountain and rush down at tremendous speed, heating the pavement with sparkling slides and leaving traces of our wheels on it.​ ​ But it will be tomorrow. Skate, fall,get up.

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